A multi-national, industry-leading proprietary trading firm—with an envied high-frequency trading strategy responsible for more than 1% of the volume on the NYSE & NASDAQ on any given day—experienced tremendous growth in their requirements for raw market data. However, the firm was running into the limits of their ability to consume the data, and was experiencing “gapping.”


Argentium Solutions collaborated with the firm’s staff to create a next generation network architecture based on optical technology such as dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM). This network would to be able to withstand peak market data rates and provide the capacity to exceed projected market data rates over the next 24 months.


The customer was able to leverage Argentium Solutions’ expertise to create a best-of breed network, while continuing to focus on the existing production network and business applications. The design, staging, deployment, and testing of the network was executed seamlessly in a manner that is easily repeatable for their operations staff.

The new network provided a latency reduction of up to 30%, while also reducing the time to deliver new services by weeks and in some cases months.  As of the date this study was written, the new network was on schedule to pay for itself within 12 months from deployment.


Today, the new market data network infrastructure center is at the leading edge of the technology curve, allowing this prestigious firm to take advantage of trading opportunities that would have passed them by on the previous generation of the network infrastructure. The firm is already looking to leverage the next generation of the optical technology, utilizing the foundation created by the engagement with Argentium Solutions.