An emerging multi-national cloud computing and managed Internet hosting provider with offices in the United States and Europe had become a victim of its own success, experiencing “growing pains” and small outages that affected some customers but not others.  The provider could not reliably deliver service in accordance with the expectations held by their customers, and as a result could not expand their business.


Argentium Solutions performed a review of the existing network architecture and performed measurements to gain an understanding of the traffic.  The comprehensive review identified microbursts within the infrastructure, showing a need for an increase in bandwidth.

In conjunction with the organization’s technology team, Argentium Solutions designed a series of changes for the network architecture that effectively doubled the capacity of the network.  In addition to topological changes, Argentium Solutions identified some devices that were ill-suited to the tasks assigned and recommended replacement platforms.  A new network architecture that incorporated the new network platform was developed.


The review performed by Argentium Solutions educated the hosting provider on the issues within its network, allowing it to understand where further investment in network infrastructure would be required.  The short-term performance issues were identified, documented, and resolved in an expedient manner.  The new network architecture addressed the shortcomings in the existing platform, leaving room for expansion over the next 3 years.


The short and long-term benefits provided by the solution allowed the hosting provider to continue to expand its business.  The new network architecture featured technologies that greatly enhance the availability and resiliency of the network, dramatically improving the level of service received by customers.